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PALINOV pallet foot

An alternative to wooden pallets for handling loads

The PALINOV pallet foot is a 100% recyclable cardboard pallet foot used to replace pallet feet and/or wooden pallets or any other type of pallet. Unlike wood, PALINOV pallet feet are not subject to the ISPM 15 Directive.

pied de palette carton

PALINOV pallet feet can be combined with different bases, such as honeycomb sheets or corrugated cardboard sheets and can, therefore, be used to make pallets of any size.

It is also possible to fix the PALINOV pallet feet directly under the product (Box, POS,...). Combining PALINOV pallet feet under a cardboard box makes it possible to create a lightweight, single-material, 100% recyclable packaging, accepted anywhere in the world and which can be directly handled by a pallet truck or forklift truck without strapping or film-wrapping.

PALINOV pallet feet can also replace wooden accessories used for transport (e.g. timbers placed beneath paper reels)

pied de palette carton


  • Support for heavy loads
  • Friction and impact resistant structure
  • Lightweight and moisture resistant
  • Easy to use with the self-adhesive option
  • Not subject to ISPM 15
  • Different height options
  • Free from nails, staples or splinters
  • 100% recyclable
  • Little storage area required compared to assembled pallets

The PALINOV is the only cardboard pallet foot on the market that combines lightness and a high level of mechanical performance.

The PALINOV pallet foot is available in two heights, and the number of tubes can be adjusted according to the loads to be supported


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TECPAL cardboard pallet

One of the strongest cardboard pallets on the market
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The best solution for the Export Supply Chain

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