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Let's help preserve our planet.

CORPAL is completely committed to an approach that aims to preserve the environment, both in our choice of the raw materials used for our products and in the processes we use to manufacture them. The majority of the CORPAL range is made from recycled paper, and 100% of our products are recyclable. Products made from virgin fibre are made from paper manufactured from thinnings from sustainably managed forests.

We do not discharge any effluent during our manufacturing processes, and all of our waste is recycled via a short cycle that is fully in line with a circular economy approach (Recycled paper → Production → Waste paper → Sorted recovered paper → Paper products → Recycled paper).

Our commitment to the use of sustainable resources has been formally recognised by our FSC ® (Forest Stewarship Council ®) certification, obtained in 2011.

By using our CARRY and PROTECT ranges, you too will be contributing to protecting our environment.

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