What if we could help you to do without wooden pallets!

The wooden pallet is less than a century old, but today it represents 90% of the equipment used for handling, storage and transport.

Although practical and widely used, there are sometimes limitations involved in the use of pallets.

This is why CORPAL offers alternatives to the wooden pallet that can solve problems involving:

  • storage volume
  • hygiene
  • physical demands
  • recycling
  • export regulations
  • profitability
  • health and safety
  • non-standard formats
  • carbon footprint

Our CARRY solutions offer a high level of technical performance, removing any worries you may have about considering the complete substitution of wooden pallets.

All our CARRY solutions are environmentally friendly because they are made of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

palette carton

TECPAL cardboard pallet

One of the strongest cardboard pallets on the market
slipsheet carton transport logistique


The best solution for the Export Supply Chain
pied de palette carton

PALINOV pallet foot

An alternative to wooden pallets for handling loads

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