Your products are valuable, let us help you protect them

Like any manufacturer or shipper, you do everything possible to provide your customers with quality products in good condition. However, you have probably already been confronted with transport or handling damage that has ruined all your efforts to achieve customer satisfaction.

This is why CORPAL offers our PROTECT solutions that allow you to:

  • protect
  • strengthen
  • reinforce
  • improve stacking

nd which, finally, will guarantee you 100% delivery without complaint.

ll these solutions will be offered specifically to meet your requirements and your packaging and logistical constraints, in order to guarantee you the best protection/price ratio.

All our PROTECT solutions are environmentally friendly because they are made of recycled materials and 100% recyclable.

cornière en carton pour palette

EDGECOR corner protector

The solution to protect, consolidate and strengthen
cornière flexible en carton pour palette

FLEXCOR flexible corner protector

The ideal protection for cylindrical shapes
intercalaire de protection en carton pour palette

FLATCOR cardboard edge guards

Protective spacer

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